Well I didn’t get sunburned so it worked. Only gripe is that I did put it in a plastic jar so I could carry it on the plane and once I got to Hawaii the sunscreen had separated to layers—nothing a slight mix or shake couldn’t fix. Rubbed in nicely and didn’t feel too greasy.

After sitting in the heat outside, it got really runny & separated, but seemed to work fine. NOTE: Do not buy this for use at the Mesoamerican Reef in Mexico. After we arrived, we were told they do not want people to use ANY sunscreen, but are recommending wearing rash guard clothing instead, due to damage being done to the coral reef.

Works great, stays on in the water and is not greasy!

Very nice, applies easily and non greasy.

Bought this for a winter vacation to the Southern Hemisphere. It rained all but one day. I ran out to catch some sun and hastily sprayed on Coral Isles. An hour later I was burned on the areas that I DIDN'T spray. Duh! It really works!

Great buy!

Family used on southern vacation. Superb substance!

This product worked exactly as advertised. Used it in Hawaii for snorkeling...especially glad that it is reef safe and approved for use in coral reef areas.