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Coral Isles 6-oz SPF50 Spray
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Coral Isles Sunscreen SPF50 6-oz Continuous Spray
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Oxybenzone Causes Coral Bleaching

Oxybenzone is a common chemical ingredient in nearly 70% of sunscreens and many cosmetics. Recent studies clearly show that Oxybenzone damages coral DNA, causing deformities and inhibiting the coral’s ability to reproduce. It also increases the stress on coral caused by rising ocean temperatures, leading to a phenomenon called "bleaching" which is often fatal to coral populations.

Nanoparticles in Mineral Sunscreens

Mineral sunscreens are widely regarded as reef-safe as long as the mineral particles are not in “nano” (very small) particle form. Many sunscreen manufacturers opt for these small-particle (below 100 nm) formulas because they help the product apply better. However, because of their small size, marine animals can breathe or ingest mineral nanoparticles—creating a significant risk of toxicity.